the Winter project list

Autumn is with us, the days are drawing in and projects involving garden and DIY are getting shelved until the warmer weather. Thoughts can turn to what I might be able to get up to over the Winter.

My first problem is that the major undertakings in my garden over the last two years together with my giving up trading at fairs and events during Covid have left me with shed and garage stuffed to the rafters. I can get into neither to use them as a workroom.

My current project is to sort out what I want to keep and, from the rest, what will go to auction and what to the council tip. In the course of that I have already made one trip to the latter and the first batch of stuff went off to an auction house yesterday. I have rented a storage unit near where I work and ave begun to move some stuff there just so that I have a little room to move and sort out things.

I do want to get the slot car track up and running. If I can do that I can make a start on building some of the kits and also do some scratch building. It makes more sense to me to have a track available to test run stuff on as I build it. That means getting my workbench accessible again, currently it is in use as a shelf. I can also set up my little spray booth.

I have a couple of Pioneer Legends cars to build, a 1967 Mike Parkes F1 Ferrari plus a Paxton turbine from the same year. I have bought so many bits and pieces as I have seen them that I can’t remember what they all are and so there is going to be an interesting day or two going through the boxes and making a list of individual builds.

IU have dug out my box of RTR cars and thinned that down a little. There is a box of about nine models that don’t really fit with what I want to collect that is ready to head off to my local auction house in a week or two. It will take a while to convert them to cash, but they will be out of my way and the bank account will get a boost in the New Year. Probably just in time to fund the purchase of the bits I need to complete the models I have lined up to build.


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