Winter projects

With a lot of work going on around the home and garden this lockdown Summer I have not had time to get into any modelling projects, but that has not stopped the dreaming and scheming.

Various bits and pieces have been obtained to go into the project box; some chassis, a vintage motor and some bodies amongst them so when I have got my workshop space cleared of the stuff that is awaiting being used around the garden I can start to think about setting up my spray booth (a cardboard box) and getting cracking on some modelling.

The last time I did any serious model building was probably ten to fifteen years ago and that was building resin kits in 1:43rd scale. As all three bodies that I have bought for slot car models are resin the principle should be the same in the larger 1:32nd scale.

Then comes the chassis side. I have a couple of metal & plastic standard sidewinder chassis that come from the US and they will do for something, but I want to try and build a brass rod and sheet chassis or two in the style that I was used to in the late 60s and early 70s.

At the end of the day I am building things to please me and to run on my own track so I don’t really care if they would not be eligible to run elsewhere. Model making should be fun and stretch your skills; that’s al I want from mine.

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